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                                                              Events Management


At M&E Event Consultant we aim to offer a professional and personalized service in meeting your requirements in any of the following specialized fields:


1.      We specialize in organizing:

·         Workshops & Conferences

·         Travels (Domestic/International)

·         Accommodations

·         Hire Cars

·         Executive Meetings

·         Executive Launchings

·         Corporate Dinner

·         Any Other Out-Door Events

·         Media Coverage after Events

·         And many more

We allow your company to remain dedicated to what it does best – running its own  Business !



Here at M & E Event Consultant we do pre-planning & post- planning of any event that is being tasked to us and we do it with time, patience and dedication. Before any event is done there must be a plan in place in order for the event to be a success.


a.      Pre-event planning and preparation of actual event

·         Pre-planning we find out from the client/customer the type of event he/she requires before the actual preparation.

·         We also look at the number of pax/persons involved in the event in any case the participant listing must be prepared before we engage ourselves in any event.

·         Budget Allocation for the specified event must be made known to our company so that we don’t go over your budget requirements

·         We organize any type of events according to the specification of our clients/customers

·         We are specialized also in the organizing of Hire Cars & Accommodation

·         Travels can be arranged depending of the type of event you require

b.      Post- event

·         This is where we provide to our client/customer with Financial Reports and Acquittals relevant for the Financial Records or Audit purposes.

Our comprehensive range of services offer total flexibility in providing  tailor made packages to best suit your company/department’s needs. With our extended experience in Event Management we can help create an event to give your company that competitive edge. We will source and co-ordinate all requirements for your organization eliminating unnecessary administration efforts on your part and offering the optimum in concept creation and delivery for an event. So whether your event budget is big or small, our commitment is to extend to you a host of suitable service options to ensure the ultimate success of your event.


Our company can also assist in developing concepts and themes for any special events including corporate signature events, Specialized Client interactive events, Corporate Celebration events and others.

Our services in coordinating such events include:

ª       Sourcing and procuring suitable facilities for the event

ª       Develop themes and formulate concepts tailored to meet client requirements

ª       Preparation of event schedules

ª       Developing menus to suit the type of function

ª       Coordinate entertainment – guest speakers, etcs

ª       Coordinate appropriate staffing for workshops/conferences etc


                      !! You Do Your Business While We Handle Your Events !!

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