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    IsiPawa- Ultra Thin Solar Generator 15W)

This ultra thin solar generator converts sun light into electricity stored in battery using high quality crystalline silicon solar cells. It provides AC 220V output, also can be customised for other output voltage as you required. With a build-in AC outlet, it's able to power a wide range of devices  such as electric guitar, TV, light, radio, recorder, electric fan and other small home electric appliances. Therefore, it is suitable for home power supply, camping, outdoors activities and travelling


=>One box autonomy solar power system, easy to operate
=> High portability, lightweight, easy to move
=> Self-sufficiency , just use it where need, leave it under the sunlight, it will do the rest to be ready for nex use
=> Adaptability, DC 12V & AC 220V output, suitable for various applications
=> Maximum Load: 150W
=> Size (LxWxH): 52.5 * 7.5 *36 cm

 => Weight: 7.8kg


                     How to Charge the Box from Sunlight

Put the box under directly sunlight, turn on Switch 5, the middle LED indicator will be green. Open it and make sure the solar panel can get as much sunlight as possible.
The left LED indicator will be green, which means it is charging. When full-charged, the left LED indicator will flash in green, you should close the box, and take it away from sunlight to protect the battery.

Notice: never open the box under the sun before turn on switch.


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Ideal for Schools, Health Centers, Villages, Camping, Remote  Duty Travel, Personal Power Backup System


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