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    IsiPawa 30W Solar Generator

This portable solar generator is a complete turn-key backup power solution for nearly any mobile application, ready for immediate operation. The primary components that a complete off-grid solar power system neccessarily required are put into one box, including solar panel, solar charge controller, battery and DC-AC inverter, which mae it a lightweight truly portable power system, not requiring a forklift or trailer to move it into operation. Its designed for wide apllications, such as outdoor work, long distance travel, household appliances, outdoor communication or camping.



=> Solar Panel: 20W Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Panel
=> Battery: 12V/24Ah Maintenance-free Lead-acid battery
=> Solar Charge Controller: 10A/12V
=> Inverter: input DC12V, output 220V/150W
=> Output: DC 12V, AC 220V.
=> Maximum Load: 150W
=> Size (LxWxH): 50 * 33 * 22 cm

 => Weight: 21.0kg


                     How to Charge the Box from Sunlight

Put the box under directly sunlight, turn on Switch 5, the middle LED indicator will be green. Open it and make sure the solar panel can get as much sunlight as possible.
The left LED indicator will be green, which means it is charging. When full-charged, the left LED indicator will flash in green, you should close the box, and take it away from sunlight to protect the battery.

Notice: never open the box under the sun before turn on switch.

      For more infor, read more on the user manual

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IsiPawa 30W Solar Generator

Ideal for Schools, Health Centers, Villages, Camping, Remote  Duty Travel, Personal Power Backup System


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