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NComputing L130/ L230 Virtual Desktop - Ethernet Connected

Like all NComputing access terminals, the new L230 and L130 dramatically cut computing costs by sharing the untapped power of standard PCs or servers. Best of all, IT staff and end users do not need special training because our solutions are easy to manage, eco-friendly and compatible with standard PC applications. And like all of our L series, the L230 and L130 can use standard Ethernet infrastructure, so that your users can be located as far away from your shared PCs or server as you need them to be.

With the NComputing virtual desktop solution, each user has an individual workstation that consists of  a standard monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers (not included). However, instead of connecting directly to a PC, these peripherals connect to the L Series access terminal

The very inexpensive and highly reliable L Series access terminal connects to virtual services software on the host PC over standard Ethernet cables (plus routers, switches, etc). Our terminal services software enables the host PC to create unique and simultaneous user sessions so that each user gets their own rich and robust PC experience. A PC that is running a desktop OS (such as Microsoft Windows 2003 Server or Linux) support up to 30 simultaneous users and beyond.

L Series Benefits

* Share one host PC with  up and over 30 users depending on host spec

* Dramatically reduces acquisition & support costs up to 70%

* Easy to set up, maintain and secure

* Connects to host PC/server via Ethernet

* Supports Windows and Linux

* Compact, reliable & energy-efficient (no moving parts, 5watts per user)

* High security

* Web-quality multimedia support

* VMMare integration ready 

* Includes powerful vSpace virtualization software

* Mount to a monitor with included bracket

Todays PCs are like supercomputers

Most PC users only use a small fraction - as low as 5% - of the power of their machines. NComputing takes the excess capacity and allows up to 30 users to enjoy their own rich PC experience. They feel like they have their own PC, but at a fraction of the cost and without all of the maintenance headaches.

   Easy to install, simple to manage

Plug in your Ethernet cable, mouse, keyboard, and monitor. Install the included vSpace desktop virtualization software on the shared PC. It just takes a few minutes. You now have added multiple users, each with their own rich Windows or Linux environment. Best of all, you can run standard applications and your staff and users won't need any special training.

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