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"X" Series

              Some of our clients in PNG

  - Kikori Oil Investments (Kikori)
  - Realasis Internet Cafe & biz  (Boroko)
  - Raycom Computers Ltd (Madang)
  - Ramu Agri Industries (Lae)
  - Goroka Secondary School (Goroka)
  - Destiny Internet Cafe (Lae)
  - Simberi Gold Company Ltd(Simberi Is)
  - Innovative Training Centre (Lae)
  - Media & Business Training Centre (Lae)
  - Okiufa Primary School (Goroka)
  - PANGTEL (Port Moresby)
  - FinCorp PNG
  -  NGIITS - (Kokopo)



"L" Series


It's not too good to be true. With computing's environmentally friendly virtual desktops, you can easily and inexpensively share the power of  one PC with up to eleven users. Millions of kids already benefit from NComputing in thousands of schools . Finally, computing that works for    your users and your budget.

new"U" Series


Today's PCs are so powerful that most people  use only a small fraction of the computer's           capacity. NComputing slashes costs and simplifies computing by sharing the excess capacity with multiple users. Each person has   their own keyboard, screen, settings, applications, and data files—just as if they were working at an independent machine.

Internet Cafe Solution
A simple DO IT YOURSELF installation that takes minutes to set.
                 For Demo Call - 71573839 / 76043412
Slash Costs of Computers, Management and Energy


Ideal for Schools, Government, Corporate and Small/Medium Business

Things to consider when purchasing the X , L  or  the U-series products 

X Series Terminal PCI Based

The X series is perfect for “clustered” environments where users are located near each other and not more that 15 meters away from the host PC / Server (Internet Kiosks, libraries, schools, admin centres, training centres, call centres etc)

The X series can accommodate up to 11 users per host PC / Server (requires two X550 Kits).
X series “clusters” can be linked to each other via a normal Ethernet LAN, so for a 33 user lab or open office  you would need  3 PC’s only (11 users per cluster on 1 PC). 

L - Series Terminal L130 / L230/ L300 Ethernet Based 

If your users are located more than 15 meters away from the Host PC / Server and you need more than 11 users connected, then the L-series is more suited for your needs. The L-series is a Ethernet  / IP based product and requires 1 x Network point per terminal. 

You can connect up to 10 Terminals on an XP PC / server and up to 30 terminals using Server 2003/8 as an operating system. The preferable route is to use 1 XP PC with 10 terminals connected at a time. This will help reduce the processing requirements of a centralised server as well as allowing for some redundancy.

The L-series terminals may be setup via DHCP or static IP addresses. The L-series has no distance limitation and can even be setup to work over a WAN. 

U 170 USB based  alert

If all of your users are clustered in workgroups and are all close to the shared computers, consider or U-series (add one desktop at a time).

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