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Friendly cyber cafe software with modern user interface, great number of features and outstanding customer support.  Manage and automate your Internet cafe and game clubs with ease! 
TrueCafe is a distributed system. It consists of server and client software.

Server software is a center of cyber cafe maintenance. It provides pricing, customer and session management, payments, reporting and so on.

Client software blocks unauthorized access to terminals, displays statistics of a user's session and a list of applications a user can start after a terminal is unlocked.

true cafe

True Cafe has the following impressive features including:

Install on NComputing and Terminal Server 
Install TrueCafe on a multi-session platform such as NComputing host or Windows Terminal Server. In this case a number of user sessions run on a host computer simultaneously. Each session is considered by TrueCafe as a separate virtual terminal with TrueCafe Client running. TrueCafe Server can be installed on either the same shared computer or a detached one.

Provide Wi-Fi hotspot support (wireless billing) 
Charge your customers when they use your Wi-Fi access point to browse the web from their wireless laptops, PDAs or any other mobile devices.

Automatically charge customers for printing 
TrueCafe Printer Watcher software let you automatically charge your customers for printing on any printer in your cyber cafe, using a very precise method of calculating the exact number of document pages and copies. Use the print confirmation feature which notifies your customers how many pages they print and how much they are charged for the printing. You can also turn on the print control feature which means a customer can only print if he has enough money on his balance.

Other features of true cafe include

  • Control terminals remotely 
  • Use license key (CD-key) management
  • Utilize pre-paid tickets (time codes)
  • Setup any complicated pricing 
  • Protect terminals
  • Chat with a customer
  • Manage terminals
  • Setup a point-of-sale
  • Use inventory system
  • Save power in your cyber cafe
  • Calculate Internet traffic and browse URL log
  • Analyze the business data
  • Use Web Reports
  • Backup your data and settings
  • Control a cyber cafe with ease

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Unregistered version can work with just 4 terminals maximum. If you want to use more you have to buy TrueCafe.

After we process your order, you will receive a license key to your copy of TrueCafe with instructions how to apply it. You do not need to reinstall the software.

Usually we process orders within one or two days.

TrueCafe purchase is a one-time deal. Technical support and new versions are provided for registered customers for free.

You can install each purchased license on 1 server only.

We provide unconditional money-back guarantee within the 90 days after purchasing in case you decide not to use TrueCafe. Money-back policy is not applied to the Western Union transfers.


Price List for license   
License Price (PNG Kina)
01 terminal K150.00
03 terminals + 05 Wi-Fi laptops K250.00
05 terminals + 05 Wi-Fi laptops K450.00
07 terminals + 05 Wi-Fi laptops K750.00
10 terminals + 10 Wi-Fi laptops K850.00
15 terminals + 10 Wi-Fi laptops K950.00
20 terminals + 10 Wi-Fi laptops K1050.00
25 terminals + 10 Wi-Fi laptops K1150.00
30 terminals + 20 Wi-Fi laptops K1250.00
35 terminals + 20 Wi-Fi laptops K1350.00
40 terminals + 20 Wi-Fi laptops K1450.00
50 terminals + 20 Wi-Fi laptops K1550.00
70 terminals + Unlimited Wi-Fi laptops K1650.00
100 terminals + Unlimited Wi-Fi laptops K1750.00
150 terminals + Unlimited Wi-Fi laptops K2150.00
200 terminals + Unlimited Wi-Fi laptops K2250.00
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