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Kumul Calling Services

 We are starting of with the Universal Kumul Calling Cards and will provide more VoIP services in Papua New Guinea so please visit this site in future.


        IsiLinkIT Limited is proud to be partner with Telikom PNG to introduce one of its newest product yet, for its international travelling customers as well as for citizens living and studying abroad.

        The card is designed for convenience and reduces costs to help keeping in touch either for business calls or to keeping up with family and friends. Unlike Telikad, this phone card is universally accessible beyond the shores of PNG and makes every phone outside PNG your phone. Interestingly, it gives you a local call rate benefit.


What is Kumul Calling Card? 

The Kumul Universal Access Card is the new Global Calling Card product that offers competitive call rates and longer talk-time to customers from overseas calling into PNG or elsewhere. It is a disposable prepard scratch card that customers can purchase from us physically or order through our website from anywhere in the world when in need to travel overseas or send to families and friends overseas as a reminder to call back home and keep in touch.

Why Choose Kumul Universal Access Card from Other Calling Cards? 

  • There  is no hidden cost like maintenance fess etc to devalue the call credits. What you buy is what you will enjoy.
  • Unused call credits can last up to six months
  • Call credits are usable anywhere in the world
  • Extra call minutes are added to the value of cards you buy
  • Membership options will be available for those customers who wish to regularly use the service, thus enabling them to top-up credits online
  • Call rates are 80% cheaper than Mobile Roaming Services

Who Can Use The Card?

Anyone who travels or lives overseas can use the card to make cheaper calls back to PNG. These include:
                               <> Travelling executives
                                <> Tourists
                                 <> PNG students studying overseas
                                   <> PNG working class overseas, and
                                     <> Family members, friends and business partners living in countries other than Papua New Guinea



                                        ~ It's not too good to be true. Gives you a local call rate benefit~


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