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Goroka Bilum#2

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Long Handle Bilum#3

$50 $40

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Diamond Colour Bilum#4

$40 $30

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Bilum #5

$40 $30

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Long Milne Bay necklace #1 (Bagi)

$150 $140

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Short Milne Bay Necklace #2 (Bagi)

$100 $65

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Goroka Expresso Ground 250g

$10 $6

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Paradise Gold Coffee

$13 $9

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Introductory best offer
Coffee and nice Bilum

This bundle pack to be sold today. Only few left and we are providing the best offer for today.  Coffee in a nice bilum bag for you. You can choose any stocked 5x 250g Ground coffee to be packed into this beautifully presented Gift Bilum by sending us a message with your order or by contacting us prior to ordering. No additional Fee applies to custom orders. If not specified, we will include each variety by default.

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